Welcome One and All. You've Entered a Place of Entropy and Nostalgia. Of Fleeting Interests. All Encompassing Enamouration. Failings, Improvements, and Everything inBetween.

Dusty Retro's Memory Vault and Fun Zone

"Go to Earth," they said. "It'll be easy," they said. -Peridot

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"Needs work, but it will suffice."

This site is being made for me and my personal exploration and enjoyment. It will be messy, the site will look ugly on mobile and might not be all that accessible(if at all) for now. There are plans to fix the latter part, in the future, once I've gotten through studying HTML and the other fidgets that go with making a webpage to build my own from scratch rather than with a pre-made code I'm ham-shoeing to be mine, but until then. Sorry to folks that won't be able to access the page until that time comes.
I'm planning to be meticulous with my coding, when the time comes, so hopefully that future website will be worth the wait.

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